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Right off, it's typically a three day affair to prepare. Hand make the marinades, hand cut the meats (Top Round cuts from the farm),  and a 24-48 hours soak in the nades.


Then we plate the racks, and the dehy process begins thereafter. Order today or plan for a future celebration or outing.


You must visualize your mouth feel and flavor profile, then click the MoJerky button below to shop and satisfy your wildest jerky dreams.


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MoJerky, Adventure Better


     Fully: 8 oz. / $25.00 + Shipping     

     Nades: Marinades

     Plate the Racks: Put the bathed meats

     on the dehydrator trays

     Dehy: Dehydration





MOPUNKS - MoJerky x Tokyo Punks - Just think high end Japanese steak house with those exotic ingredients that will teleport your taste buddies to another magical, mystical, and flavorful land.

CHA CHA - Cha is the perfect burn that just rides, lil' heat dance in your mouth, brought to you by a sriracha marinade.

SMOKEY THE HONEY BANDIT - Like a backyard fire pit BBQ in your mouth, yeehaw. This is your typical peppered jerky, with a kiss of smoke, some honey sweetness and a little cayenne kick at the end.

PETER LIMITED - Bourbon Marinade, a nod to those that may suffer from whiskey D, as you may have limited use of your peter. The bourbon, brown sugar, and honey trio will be sure to excite anyone's taste buds. This marinade stems from a limited release run that became so popular I had to replace the original recipe.

SPICY AUNT TERRI - Spicy Teriyaki, that crazy aunt who always has a strong day buzz going and tells it like it is. This teriyaki marinade with some mild heat from the red pepper flakes is accompanied by the secret ingredient, pineapple juice.

THE KID'S MEAL - P.B., raspberry preserves, low sodium soy, salt, and a uniquely sharp mustard to open up those nostrils.

DEVIL'S CHA CHA - Repeat Cha Cha recipe above and proceed to conjure up some spirits with smoked ghost pepper flakes. If you crave heat, and cannot seem to find anything spicy enough, this marinade will certainly help you with that.

GHOST BANDIT - Like a backyard fire pit BBQ in your mouth, yeehaw. Sounds familiar, yes? Now it's got smoked ghost pepper flakes. This recipe is for those who crave a supreme heat wave on their tongue that will stick with you between each delicious bite.

69.9 WKBBQ - Korean BBQ, starts off smooth with the sweetness and fuels that inner fire desire with a kiss of heat. Incorporated into the marinade is a pear and garlic immersion that rounds out the typical Korean BBQ ingredients and experience.

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